Language Learning Through RPG Games

Language learning now days develops massively through digital media. It is very different with previous years before, where language learning conducted through traditional method. Learning through multimedia can be categorized into Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), student centered learning and simulated learning. By using media especially game, students have roles as co-creator for the learning process. It can give freedom for students to configures, modify, and enhance to meet their need. Game in this function is an interactive media. Interactive media include the combination of electronic text, graphics, moving images, and sound, into structured digital computerized environment that allows people to interact with the data for appropriate purpose.

In term of familiarizing the readers to this model of language learning, the writer Luthfie Arguby and Lukfianka Sanjaya complete this book updates theories of utilizing video games in language learning in the classroom. This book gives much explanation on the use of RPG maker VX by Enterbrain. The reader will get a guidance and simulation on how to create RPG games for language learning purpose. In chapter II, for example, the writer guides the reader on using template based role playing video game design. In this chapter reader can learn how to modify the elements on the game like characters, race, weapons, accessories, armor, world map and location.

Finally, this book is also completed by the explanation on role playing video game making using RPG maker VX. In this chapter the reader can follow the way on making games. Like how to prepare story line for the game, build every details on the game. Reader will be guided to make the game from the beginning till the end. Therefore it is helpful for everyone who is interesting to create game RPG for language learning. It is suitable for students of university. In reading this book, readers do not need any special skills on creating game. As long as they have known little about computer, this game can be learned easily. (Muntaha)