English Pronunciation Practice

Penulis: Budiasih, M.Hum
Penerbit: FATABA Press IAIN Surakarta
Cetakan: Cet. 1, September 2013
Tebal: viii + 138 Halaman
ISBN: 978-602-99030-7-2

One of the problems in learning English is pronunciation. As Non Native Speakers (NNS) it is very important to understand the knowledge and mastery this skill. It is true that the ways people pronounce will give the different meaning of their utterances. As Celce-Murcia and Goodwin (1991) said that pronunciation is very important to avoid misunderstandings when people are communicating. Moreover in English there are some elements of pronunciations which is not same to other languages, for instance the stress-unstressed, number of vowels, consonants, intonation, linking and also diphthongs. Those problems should be understood by the learner of English. This book comes to improve and enrich the knowledge and practical practice of the learners.

In this book reader will find detail information everything about English pronunciation. Starting from description of speech which breaks down the elements of pronunciation, it is continued by physiology of pronunciation. The way and the place of articulations are the other basic part for mastering pronunciation. Knowing the place means that learner will know the place of every sound produced. If there is problem with that organ, it will influence the sound resulted. Besides the place learners should also know the ways of those sound produced. Every sound they have their own ways on the production like ‘p’ this sound is in labial (bilabial) and the way to produce it is to put the lips together, try to breath out, don’t let the air escape, release it suddenly .

Besides that, there are many aspects which is discussed in this book. Those materials are very basic and important in pronunciation practice like phonetic symbols, minimal pairs, word stress, assimilation, elision, juncture, and weak form. Therefore it is very useful book for English learner.

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